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Due to recent changes mandated by the federal government, most late model vehicles are equipped with wheel-mounted air pressure sensors, commonly called TPMS, (tire pressure monitoring system). While many late model vehicles already have this system, all vehicles less than 10,000 lbs. and manufactured after September ’07 will have the TPMS system. Due to cost of equipment to test and reset these systems, training for our technicians, and extra time involved in changing tires or wheels, performing a flat repair, rotating and/or balancing tires, and in rare cases even checking air pressure, we will be charging extra for any service performed to these types of systems.

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We implement a special RF frequency tire tool to check your vehicle’s air sensors for proper operation before we perform any tire service. This only checks the electronically functioning part of the stem, not the mechanical function, which has to be checked at time of actual tire changing. Many of these sensors need to be reset after a tire rotation, balance, flat repair, tire or wheel change, and in rare cases even an air pressure check. We have the tools and resources to do this. If a TPMS sensor is found to be damaged, it would need to be replaced at the time of service to the tire/wheel assembly.
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The TPMS sensor assemblies vary in price and can be very expensive, up to around $200.00 each, although they are becoming less expensive. Failure to replace faulty sensors would result in the vehicle computer not realizing a potential air loss, therefore not warning the driver of a low tire, and also not meeting the original manufacture specs. We will not knowingly perform a tire change or repair on a tire/wheel assembly that has a faulty TPMS sensor without authorization to replace the sensor.


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The manufacturer’s original equipment specifications strongly suggest that new grommets, washers, nuts, valve cores, and caps be installed every time a tire equipped with TPMS is removed and/or replaced on a wheel rim. This is called a service, or rebuild kit. In the event of a flat repair, or installation of any tire on the wheel, these service kits will be required for each wheel changed. This is a preventive maintenance factor, and we strongly suggest replacement, mainly because the stem and the cores need to be kept in good condition, so as not to cause tire, stem, or wheel failure.
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For instance, leaking air after a tire change because of a faulty core or stem, which could be a pre-existing condition before we perform service, or a tire/wheel assembly that could start to leak after a tire service just because we have to remove the core from the stem to remove the air.

Currently, these service kits range in price from $7.99 to $19.99 for each wheel.

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Our goal at Blue Ridge Tire is to perform these services as flawlessly as possible so that you will have peace of mind about the safety of your tires.

We appreciate your patronage and take your tire service business very seriously. We are continually training our technicians and using resources available to us as this relatively new system evolves in the marketplace. We want to do everything possible to be your tire care professionals.

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